Lego Table

I have a lot of catching up to do on our summer time stories because life has been busy and time to blog has been missing.

One of the things I was told early on as a parent was that my kids would grow up too fast and that is, indeed, true. And, if the choice is between living life with my kids and documenting it, I will choose the former every single time.

Unfortunately, that means that sometimes my house is a mess and other times, I rediscover a stack of written “thank you” cards that never got sent from Christmas over eight months later. There are days I wish I could clone myself or put more hours in the day…..but it just doesn’t happen.

So, we make it through each day and call it “enough” because it has to be. Of course, I feel guilty all the time because there are things I haven’t done, appreciations I haven’t made or moments I have missed with my family that I wish I could relive.

One such guilt moment is in saying “thank you” to my Dad who built our son an AMAZING Lego Table for our bonus room. We have had a lot of fun this summer, having building contests on our “creative Sundays” where technology is turned off for a day and the kids play creatively with each other and me.

A few months ago, my folks asked what our son might want for his birthday and I suggested a “lego table” but I was thinking of a small table for him to sit and play at. What my Dad created was far beyond what I could have imagined. Two adults can sit at the table and create designs of all kinds. There are drawers for our son’s Lego collection and we were able to separate all of the main colors.


It has truly been relaxing to sit with my son and chat with him about the issues that are important in his world. Spending quality time with him always results in conversations that are a gift I will always treasure.


So, THANK YOU, Dad, for your wonderful handiwork and blessing of such a special creative space for our family. We will always appreciate the moments we have spent, sitting at this table.


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