First Friday

On the first Friday of each month, one of our nearby cities hosts a special event that encourages people to get out and walk around town to visit each of the local businesses. It is hosted by the downtown association that supports small businesses and it’s becoming quite the tradition in our house.


Each First Friday has a theme and October’s theme had to do with Star Wars and pumpkins. There was a dress-up costume contest and the walking challenge for the evening was to find the 20 carved pumpkins in each of the participating businesses.

For each pumpkin we found, we had to write down the name and when we turned in our sheet with the pumpkin names, we received a raffle ticket for each pumpkin. We also received a raffle ticket for every $10 we spent in town.


So, we visited the shops, found the pumpkins, had a nice dinner and refilled our olive oil at our favorite local oil shop.


At the end of the night, the kids won some Star Wars swag in the raffle and we had a nice evening. The boy can’t wait until next month to find out what the challenge will be.




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