This Halloween, our kids had some pretty creative ideas. Our son wanted to be an Enderman from Minecraft which is his favorite video game and our girl wanted to be Hermione from Harry Potter.

Every year, we take the kids to a thrift shop with their costumes in mind. This usually is a pretty targeted trip. For the boy’s costume, he only needed a fully black shirt and some black gloves which made shopping really easy.

The girl’s costume required a red scarf and a gray sweater which, while slightly more specific, was found easily at the store for a reasonable price. She also asked if she could dye her hair red, but not bright red…..she wanted a more permanent color. While her dad teased that her hair might end up green, we went with a very subtle light red which worked out perfectly and actually looks pretty nice.

In addition to roaming the neighborhood on October 31st with friends, my son and I also had a weekend evening where we visited a couple of “trunk or treat” events at several local churches while my daughter was at a friend’s birthday party. It was a fun time, enjoying the kids’ creativity for this Halloween.

And, from the turning of heads at the church events, it was clear that our son was the envy of gamers everywhere.

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