Festivus For the Rest of Us

If you have been reading this blog for longer than a year, you may recall past posts about our annual Festivus parties. And, like other years, we hosted the party again this year…..with a better, albeit smaller pole.

Last year, the “feat of strength” included completion of a Virtual 5K race which sent us the Festivus poles as medals. A “virtual race” means that there is no formal race course, but rather people complete the race wherever they are. The medal was pretty great and served as a nice table centerpiece this year…..because our previous 8 foot pole was a bit of a disaster.

This year, we were blessed to see many of our friends. We played the “saran wrap ball game” as the feat of strength which is where we wrapped a ton of small gifts in one huge saran wrap ball. One person tries to unwrap the ball while a 2nd person rolls dice. As soon as doubles are rolled, the ball moves on to the next person. And as gifts are unwrapped, the person who unwrapped them gets to keep the gifts. So, our ball had a number of gift cards and other fun, rather flat prizes.

The kids also hosted their own Festivus party upstairs for the kids which is why there are two balls in these pictures. Their ball had small prizes from the dollar store and was still a ton of fun.

We also had a “white elephant” gift exchange which helps us air our grievances. People write down their grievances during the first hour where we all eat and as numbers are drawn for the gift exchange, the person reads the grievance on the back of their number. Lots of grievances about traffic, politics and cancer this year as we all lost a special friend this year to pancreatic cancer.

This party brings together such a diverse group of friends. We all work in a variety of sectors as education, technology, construction, retail, restaurants, counseling, massage therapy, insurance, project management and delivery/distribution and yet, on this night, everyone laughs, shares the highlights of their year and enjoys each others company.

Here are a few more pictures of our fun:

The “save the date” has already been posted for next year! Happy Festivus.

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