Holiday Bakers

I’ve always loved baking a variety of treats at the holidays, but none of us needs multiple batches of goodies in the kitchen. So, our holiday tradition has always been to bless our neighbors with a tin full of baked goods.

Before we had kids, I didn’t understand how complicated or messy this task could become. I could whip up multiple batches of cookies easily and without much effort. This year, however, that changed slightly because (a) the kids rarely nap anymore, (b) they are a lot like me when it comes to how they want to order their environments, but (c) neither kid wishes to organize the kitchen in the same way.

I tried to give them different tasks to minimize the friction which popped up from time-to-time, but all in all, the cookies were completed. We did choose to pack the tins on the day after we baked because we were all pretty tired after baking for 6 hours. I also learned that my son is an excellent packer of tins. He handled this task nearly by himself and did a great job setting up the tins.

After the tins were packed, my two elves delivered tins of cookies to our neighbors and spread a little holiday cheer. While it took a little more effort this year, we always enjoy sharing our treats with others.

Here are some pictures of the baking adventures:

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