Surprise Lights

On the first Friday of each month, one of the towns near us has a community event that encourages people to visit each of the small businesses in their town. Usually, we check in at a local church and obtain the list of challenges. And, as you complete a challenge which may include guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar or doing 10 jumping jacks, you receive a raffle ticket. You can also earn raffle tickets for every $10 spent in the town. At the end of a typical night, you return to the church, put your name on the raffle tickets and drop them in a number of prize buckets.

Last night, we decided we would go in search of the December First Friday event. As we entered the town, it was full of people and cars trying to find parking anywhere and everywhere they could. We had no idea why the town was so crowded. So, we found a parking spot and started making our way blindly through the crowd.

When we could push no further, we realized what was happening. The town was preparing to light its annual Christmas tree. And we were 2 feet from the main stage and about 15 feet from the tree. We could not have had a better view. In fact, here is exactly what we saw:

Not only did the tree light, but Main Street filled with sudsy snow. After the lights, about 200 people got in line to get hot cocoa at the church we would normally check into, but my little guy had to use the bathroom. So, we found a port-a-potty and located right nearby was a Dutch Brothers tent, serving hot chocolate with whip cream on the straw and only a line of 4 people. It was so fortunate and we enjoyed missing the big line.

Here are some other pictures of the evening.




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