Working Mom Woes

I used to be a regular blogger and it pains me to see that my last post occurred in 2016. But middle school started and we jumped on the family merry-go-round of schedule insanity.

My day usually starts at 4:00 a.m. and most days don’t wind down until 10:00 p.m. and in between those hours, I’m trying to work full-time, run a household and figure out which kid needs to be where according to our online Google calendar that three of us now actively contribute to.

I get the fact that our kids could be involved in fewer activities or we could limit them only to the activities that occur during their school hours; but we want our kids to live without regrets and experience the great learning that comes outside the classroom in teams and extracurricular events. Some of my greatest memories, as a kid, were with my debate team in high school and I watch my girl process her way through similar life lessons with her Knowledge Bowl Team, Marching Band and Youth Group involvements. These are the really formative years for our kids. The trade-off, however, means, there isn’t a lot of “me” time to focus on blogging.

While my phone and Facebook page is full of pictures and memories of these past few months, I’ll pop on here occasionally to see if I can get caught up in sharing them……but if I struggle, just know that I’m probably trying to get caught up on the sleep that is far too elusive these days. And, someday soon, when my house is empty, I’ll probably blog daily just to remember the madness of today.

Here are some pictures of our visit to the March First Friday where we earned some extra raffle tickets for wearing hats and finding Leprechauns at each of the local community businesses. Our hard work paid off since our girl won one of the raffle prizes.



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