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Week at Camp

It is so hard to send your girl away to camp for 8 days. Her brother gets lonely, the cat meows until the 4 of us are together again and everything just seems a little off all week. But we know that sending the kids to camp is one of the most faith-developing things that […]

Senior Prom

Yes, my girl is still in 6th grade, but tonight she had a fun opportunity to serve adults, over age 50, at a local “Senior Prom.” Instead of spending her Friday night with friends, she served dinner, cleared dishes and even danced with an older gentleman who encouraged her to do well in school and […]

MiniMe Goes to Work

Last week was “Take Your Kid to Work” Day and my girl couldn’t wait to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and join me for a 12-hour work day as a Technology Manager for 9-1-1. Now, many places of employment put together a day of tours and activities centered around kids, but my girl didn’t want […]

Team Spirit

There are days I am incredibly amazed by my kids. ¬†And this weekend held one of those days for me. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter came home from school and asked if she could be a part of a school “volleyball-a-thon” which was a 7-hour school volleyball tournament. Now, I knew my daughter […]

Band Fundraisers

This morning, our girl got to try her hand at being a restaurant server. Her band took over a local Applebee’s Restaurant and served breakfast to about 200 people in order to raise money to support the various parades, events and marching band trips that are planned for this year. She was excited to be […]

Metal Mouth

This year, along with middle school, we have entered the phase of our lives that involves braces! In December, to get ready for braces, we had a total of 10 dentist appointments in our family. Now, granted, not all of the appointments were hers, but it was a family record for our trips to visit […]

Dueling Camp Notes

This past week, our girl was at summer camp with our church. This was her 4th year at camp, which I have a hard time believing as the years speedily tick on by. This year is pretty unique because it is her last year at the elementary school camp as she will join the middle […]

The End of an Era

This past week, our baby girl graduated from 5th grade. And I still can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday, we were rushing around to get her fully admitted to Kindergarten. And now, 6 years later, she’s finishing up elementary school. Now, I don’t remember how much I knew at the end of 5th […]

Math Olympian

This month, our girl had the opportunity to participate in our state’s Math Olympics for kids in the 5th through 8th grades. In the 3 weeks prior to the competition, she stayed after school for an hour, studying math with her team. The competition was set up in two sections. The first section contained an […]

Take Your Kid to Work Day

This past week, we had the opportunity to participate in ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day.” Now, we’ve never taken our kids to work formally on this day because we figured they might be bored by the experience. But after our daughter experienced BizTown a few months ago and went through interviewing for her “position” […]