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Summer at Wendy’s

Last weekend, my daughter asked me to blog about the “Wendy’s” adventure we had this summer. She said “Mom, you always tell the good stories and I want to remember this one when I’m older.” So, where to begin……. Back in June, the kids and I had a terribly busy Sunday. Between church, camp prep […]

First Communion

Each year, on Good Friday, the kids and I head off to our favorite church service of the year which is called the “Service of Darkness” which narratively tells the story of Jesus’ life and ends with his death on the cross. I have enjoyed this service for nearly 20 years. And, for the past […]

SWAT Encounters

Earlier this week, the kids’ report cards came home and they were quite good. Both kids received the comment “A pleasure to have in class” along with pretty good scores in all categories. Our son’s areas of improvement include finding rhyming words, counting syllables and writing his last name. It was noted that he excels […]

HTG and Other Greetings from 5th Grade

This week, you might hear a greeting from our daughter that simply says “HTG” which apparently is the “cool” 5th grade way to say “Happy Thanksgiving.” On Tuesday, she told me that she had been busy telling her classmates, “HTG” and of course I said, “why is there a G?” Her reply? “Because we make […]

Caterpillar Lessons

This morning, our family visited a local park. We love going to the park because it has a walking track which goes right by the playground. The kids love to ride their bikes while we walk and if they choose to play at the park, we can still easily see them. Today, our daughter found […]

Christmas Dinner

There is a hashtag on Twitter that I am beginning to earn a reputation for which is #CookingWithCheryl. (Note: A “hashtag” is a word that when combined with the # sign, makes it a searchable term. It is useful when following conversations) #CookingWithCheryl was born several years ago when I mistakenly burned hard-boiled eggs. Yes, […]

Thing That Start With “H”

This past week, our son’s preschool was focusing on letters “G” and “H” and he was super excited to tell me about all of the activities in his school day relating to these letters. I thought I’d check on whether he could identify other words that started with these letters, so I asked him an […]

Little Year Olds

A few days ago, we planned a day-time Mommy & Daddy day. The kids both had school all day long and we were looking forward to spending a day, wandering around our favorite parts of town and catching a movie. And while, we weren’t planning any time at home, we told our son that we […]

Shake It Up

Earlier this week, I received a message from a friend of mine, asking if I wanted to be in a Harlem Shake video on behalf of his food cart. And, of course, I said “yes” without hesitation. I always love seeing passion in action and my friends, who started The Mighty Bowl, are awesome folks […]

Boyfriends of the 1st Definition

We are on the eve of the holiday created by the greeting card companies. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! The kids have all spent hours writing their names on seemingly endless stacks of small cards. The kids are super excited and can’t wait to exchange cards with their friends and other kids at school. And this […]