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A Son’s Testimony

Every day, we are given opportunities to be present in the lives of others. Sometimes, our lives intersect in happy events like school graduations, weddings or the birth of a child. And sometimes, it is in the worst of times. This story starts in the worst of times. Three years ago today, I was working […]

Summer at Wendy’s

Last weekend, my daughter asked me to blog about the “Wendy’s” adventure we had this summer. She said “Mom, you always tell the good stories and I want to remember this one when I’m older.” So, where to begin……. Back in June, the kids and I had a terribly busy Sunday. Between church, camp prep […]

Briefing Council

Tonight, I was a nervous wreck. My kids had the opportunity to brief our local city council and I didn’t get any editing privileges. Let’s explain how this evening came to be…. On November 23rd, I posted the following picture to Facebook with the caption: Last night, the kids & I chatted about the holidays […]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Over the years, we have been very intentional about teaching our kids about how to manage their money. We want them to grow up and understand the importance of living within their means and saving their money for future wishes rather than spending their funds on items of immediate gratification. We have employed the “give, […]

Life Lessons

We waited a long time to have children and made a number of sacrifices as a couple to ensure that one of us could nearly always be home with our kids. This has resulted in my husband and I working pretty opposite shifts. And usually, when I have to travel for work or speaking engagements, […]

We All Need Friends Like….

Today, I’m not blogging about my kids. You all know I love them, but occasionally, I like to step out and talk about other things. Tonight’s topic is on friendship and rather unique relationship I have with my friend, Karen. Karen and I share a love of the absurd and so, whenever there is something […]

Lessons in a Coffee Shop

Earlier today, our family found itself in a local coffee shop with a nice display of pastries and cookies. While we normally only order coffee, I was feeling particularly generous and asked the kids if they would like to share an item from the pastry case. They quickly grew excited by this though and began […]

Meeting God on Grace Street

Have you ever had one of those moments where you hear God’s voice speaking so clearly that you stop in your tracks? This story is about one of those moments and it happened to me today. The kids and I often like to visit “pop-up” markets. You know, where one day a week, people come […]

All Politics Is Local

Alright, here is the official announcement to my family & friends: I have become a political candidate. Now, if you are on Facebook, you already know this is old news (about a week old, actually). But I contribute to a number of blogs. So, as my mother informed me this past week, I had been […]

Celebrating Our Differences

This past week, our church began a 5-week series entitled “Working on Us” which is focused on the improvement of our marriages according to Biblical principles. One of the memorable quotes for me was, “You spend more time preparing for your career which may last 5-10 years in your life and so much less time […]