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MiniMe Goes to Work

Last week was “Take Your Kid to Work” Day and my girl couldn’t wait to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and join me for a 12-hour work day as a Technology Manager for 9-1-1. Now, many places of employment put together a day of tours and activities centered around kids, but my girl didn’t want […]

I Won’t Grow Up

For the past 10 weeks, our son has been involved in local theater classes. This is his second term of school and he continues to blossom and find his voice. For a little guy who hardly spoke up through his 3rd birthday, it is so fun to see him take on characters, learn his lines […]

Remembering Matt

This past weekend, I had the very special opportunity to honor the life of a young man named Matt. When I opened Facebook about a week ago and saw that Matt had died, my heart just broke in two. You see Matt’s dad was one of my employees for about 5 years. And while I […]

Briefing Council

Tonight, I was a nervous wreck. My kids had the opportunity to brief our local city council and I didn’t get any editing privileges. Let’s explain how this evening came to be…. On November 23rd, I posted the following picture to Facebook with the caption: Last night, the kids & I chatted about the holidays […]

Pumpkin Patch Fun

October is exciting for our family as it begins a number of holiday traditions that we’ve instilled in our family. The first precursor to hunting for the perfect Christmas Tree is the annual visit to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin. This time of year we also have to wait for a […]

A Tale of Two Birthdays

It’s birthday time again and the time where I always find myself questioning our true lack of family planning. With kids born 4 days apart, it has usually worked out quite well to have the kids celebrate their birthdays together. However, this year, we didn’t get so lucky. With one kid in middle school and […]

Adventures With Mommy

This past week was my husband’s annual trek to a video game convention. Usually, I take time off work so that I can be with the kids while he is gone for these few days, but this year, I decided to make an adventure of my own. And, to this end, I decided to take […]

Lego Camp

This week, our son got to explore the world of Lego. Over the past couple of months, he has become obsessed with building things using Lego. We migrated from Duplo blocks to the small Lego’s and he has been having fun building cars, animals and cities with these little pieces. We have had a family […]

Dueling Camp Notes

This past week, our girl was at summer camp with our church. This was her 4th year at camp, which I have a hard time believing as the years speedily tick on by. This year is pretty unique because it is her last year at the elementary school camp as she will join the middle […]

Our Vacation

Last week, I shared about the kids’ vacation with their grandparents and this week, I’ll catch you up on how we spent our time. This year, we decided to take time of work and enjoy the kids being away for a few days. Once we actually got on the road, we realized that this was […]