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Chapter Books

This past week, our little guy read his first nine-chapter book from start to finish! And while some may not think that this is a huge accomplishment, it is in our house. Our son is currently in the second grade and he wants nothing more than to be able to read books with the same […]

Lego Table

I have a lot of catching up to do on our summer time stories because life has been busy and time to blog has been missing. One of the things I was told early on as a parent was that my kids would grow up too fast and that is, indeed, true. And, if the […]

Children Shall Lead Us

A few weeks ago, our son was involved in a Vacation Bible School while his sister attended a summer camp. He loves his sister so much that it’s hard on him when she is away. So, we seek to find special activities so he can create memories that are not filled simply with feeling alone. […]

First Communion

Each year, on Good Friday, the kids and I head off to our favorite church service of the year which is called the “Service of Darkness” which narratively tells the story of Jesus’ life and ends with his death on the cross. I have enjoyed this service for nearly 20 years. And, for the past […]

I Won’t Grow Up

For the past 10 weeks, our son has been involved in local theater classes. This is his second term of school and he continues to blossom and find his voice. For a little guy who hardly spoke up through his 3rd birthday, it is so fun to see him take on characters, learn his lines […]


A couple of weeks ago, our son came home from school and was sharing his day with me. He said “Mom, we’ve been reading a book in school that is really sad. There was a pig that had no friends, but I’m really happy today because the pig finally has a friend named “Charlotte.” Our […]

Vacation Bible School

This summer, our little guy enjoyed several different Vacation Bible School weeks while his sister was away at camp. It was adorable to watch him learn the many worship songs and really enjoy his time at the churches who hosted these special weeks. The pictures for this post was from a local church that used […]

Lego Camp

This week, our son got to explore the world of Lego. Over the past couple of months, he has become obsessed with building things using Lego. We migrated from Duplo blocks to the small Lego’s and he has been having fun building cars, animals and cities with these little pieces. We have had a family […]

The Stacker

Our son has taken on a new habit recently. He stacks things. If it can balance and grow into a tower, he’s working on making it into a tower. Although he calls them all “temples”….I should probably correct that word since he shouldn’t really be making temples, but he doesn’t know what that word really […]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Over the years, we have been very intentional about teaching our kids about how to manage their money. We want them to grow up and understand the importance of living within their means and saving their money for future wishes rather than spending their funds on items of immediate gratification. We have employed the “give, […]